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“The right of property is before and higher than any constitutional sanction….”

Arkansas Constitution Art. 2, Sec. 22

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At Moffitt & Phillips, PLLC, we only represent property owners in eminent domain/condemnation cases. We never work for the government or condemning authority. Our goal, as your eminent domain attorneys, is to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your property as a result of the taking.

Both the Arkansas and the United States constitutions provide that property owners are entitled to “just compensation” when their property is taken by the government or a governmental designee for public use. The amount of “just compensation” to which you are entitled includes compensation for the actual property that is taken by the government for public use and additionally compensation for any damage to your remaining property as a result of the taking.

Primary Practice Areas

Roadway Condemnation

Right of way acquisition by the Arkansas Department of Transportation, Counties, and Municipalities. Ensure you receive the just compensation you are constitutionally entitled to.

Electrical Line Condemnation

Easement acquisition by Entergy, SWEPCO, Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, and Municipal owned Utilities. Ensure you are compensated for every factor impacting the value of your property.

Gas Line Condemnation

Easement acquisition for the construction of new pipeline and transmission facilities or the moving of existing pipeline.  Ensure that you are compensated for any damages to your remaining property.

Water Line Condemnation

Easement acquisition for the construction of new water lines, water treatment facilities, or the moving of existing water lines.

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Moffitt & Phillips Attorneys have the experience and resources to take on complex eminent domain cases. We know how to handle them and get you fair compensation for your property loss while still protecting our community’s needs.

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