Eminent Domain Quick Reference Guide

Arkansas Eminent Domain


  • Ask for a copy of all appraisals the condemning authority performs on your land.
  • Keep all handouts or materials given to you by the condemning authority.
  • Continue to maintain your property in a normal manner.


  • Do not settle for the first offer.
  • Do not discuss any issue pertaining to the value of your property with anyone without first consulting an eminent domain attorney.
  • Do not attempt to value your property without the advice of a professional real estate appraiser familiar with condemnation.
  • Do not tell the condemning authority your personal opinion, or that of any expert you may know, concerning the value of your land or other property.
  • Do not provide the condemning authority with a copy of any private appraisals performed on your land.
  • Do not attempt to obtain building permits, variances, zone changes, subdivision approvals, curb cuts or any other improvement that would require governmental approval without first consulting an eminent domain lawyer.
  • Do not permit anyone to conduct any tests such as borings, explorations for hazardous waste, or test wells for a water supply unless your attorney secures a written agreement that ensures a copy of all test data and reports will be supplied to you.



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