Eminent Domain Lawyers Moffitt & Phillips accepting clients affected by new Entergy transmission line located in Garland and Hot Springs counties.

January 31, 2014

Arkansas Eminent Domain Attorneys Moffitt & Phillips are representing clients affected by the new Entergy transmission line located in Garland and Hot Springs counties. This project is identified with the Arkansas Public Service Commission by Docket Number 13-056-U. Entergy proposes to construct and operate a new, approximately 17-mile, 115 kV transmission line, between the existing Hot Springs Milton Substation and the Carpenter Dam Substation.

In conjunction with this project, there are approximately 220 landowners that could face Entergy's use of Eminent Domain to acquire property for the line. If you received a mailing from our office, enter your "project number" on our homepage for additional information and updates regarding this project. If you did not receive any correspondence from our office, but you have received documentation from Entergy regarding the acquistion of your property, feel free to give our office a call or use the "Contact" page above.

If you are a property owner facing an Arkansas eminent domain taking by Entergy, it is very important that you review and understand the standard "Right-of-Way" Instrument presented by Entergy. A sample of the instrurment is located at the link below:

Sample Entergy Right-of-Way Instrument - Arkansas Eminent Domain

There are a few items that you should know before you agree to sign the instrument. A few of the items are:

  • the instrument grants access to the easement, and all of your adjoining property, at any time, without notice.
  • the instrument grants the right to install, extend, and maintain guy wires and anchors beyond the limits of the right-of-way.
  • the instrument grants the right to remove trees, limbs, and/or vegetation outside of their easement. Entergy states they will pay you the "reasonable market value" of the trees cut, but often trees have more astetic value than market value. How far could Entergy act outside their easement? Look at the photo at this link: Entergy Danger Tree Chart - Eminent Domain Arkansas.

So what will this electric transmission line look like? Below is a typical photo of the proposed structure.

Entergy 115 kV Typical Structure


If you are affected by the new Entergy Transmission Line project, contact Moffitt & Phillips today for a no obligation case evaluation. We are here to answer your questions and can provide the legal representation you need to get the just compensation you deserve.

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